Get your Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States!

Having worked on the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States project for nearly two years at the DSL, I could’t help but want a copy. The only issue; they are rare and the price has inflated since the first asking price ($15). After perusing the internet for an Atlas, I stumbled upon a brochure advertising one of the greatest historical atlases of our time! The brochure opens up to nine spectacular “specimen maps” highlighting a couple of maps from the Atlas. It has a brief table of contents which outlines the number of maps in each subtopic, and a whole leaflet devoted to the Sectionalism in American Politics for the upcoming election. My favorite part of the brochure is the description of the Atlas and intent–“Although intended primarily for writers, editors, teachers, and students, the “Atlas” will be consulted by a wide public–especially by men of large affairs, leaders in public life, and Europeans who would obtain in graphic form authentic information on the development and internal structure of the United States”.

No advertising would be complete without an order form:

Atlas Brochure Order Form


Below are scans of the entire brochure. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and although I don’t have a copy of the “Atlas”, this is the next best thing!

Photo Credit: Angie White


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